• 2007_09_28_Mediterrean Roots

    UNKNOWN PIONEER Grown up as Zurich B.Boyz when hip hop was still underground, they have been mesmerized from near and middle eastern harminies. Last drum poets on the MPC - da real MANGES, always ready for the battle. Under the influence of Cosmic Funk, electric Soul Guitars, Freeform Jazz, Rap Evolution, Ancient mediterrean Roots, City Noice. Thats not Fusion! It's as innate as mother milk!

    Artists / Composers

    Nico Canzoniere (electr, keys, e-dr, mdln, bouzouki)
    Dario De Nicola (electr)
    Vincent Teuscher (g, voc)
    Cristina Bösiger (as, keys, voc)
    Kurt Bösiger (perc, voc)
    Roman Bruderer (perc, e-dr)


    Recorded @ Bazillus Club on 28.09.2007.

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